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8. Production lead time is 2 days (so it is advisable to place order 2 days advance. NO RUSH orders please), since we can only bake and handle a certain amount of orders per day. For courier deliveries, expect your orders to arrive in 2-3 days. All are freshly cooked, packed and can be delivered door to door. 


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About Our Products:


1. What are your pastries made up of?

Our lactation pastries are made with fresh ingredients and are absolutely free of any preservatives. They are made with fenugreek and flaxseeds. Fenugreek (herb) can help a nursing mom produce more milk. Flaxseed (roasted and milled) is high in Omega3.


  • For Cookies: Oatmeal (for oatmeal based), Flaxseeds, Fenugreek
  • For Brownie Cupcakes & Revel Bar: Flaxseeds, Fenugreek, Brewers yeast
  • For Cheese Cupcakes: Flaxseeds, Fenugreek

There are 2 sizes for cheese cupcakes, please refer to image below:


These ingredients are called galactagogue which helps with increasing milk supply.


2. What are galactagogues?

Galactagogue promotes or increases the flow of a mother's milk.These ingredients are high in Omega 3, can lower blood sugar and cholesterol.


3. How are they shipped/packaged?

All goodies are packed individually to seal in freshness. When you’ve picked your goodies and finalized your orders, you can choose the mode of delivery upon checkout:

  • Pick-up at Romualdez st mandaluyong (near JRU)
  • Shipping via courier LBC (215.00php Metro Manila, 280.00-415.00php Provincial)
  • Or Door to door via 3rd party messenger (100.00-150.00 within Metro Manila only)


4. How many pieces are in each box and how many do I eat per day?

For our cookies and cupcakes, each box contains 42pcs for 2-weeks supply or 21pcs for 1-week supply. Recommended consumption is 3-5 pieces/day.


Our other pastries include, Lactation revel bar (34 pcs./box), Lactation brownies bar (34 pcs/box),Lactation Ensaimada 750.00 12 pcs.

Cinnamon rolls 750.00 12 pcs


5. How long do they last?


The shelf life of the lactation and non-lactation goodies is as follows: 

Room temp: 4 weeks 
Ref: 1 1/2 months 
Individually wrapped 
Room temp: 5 days 
Refrigerated: 2-3 weeks 
Cupcakes should be refrigerated. 
Room temp: 2 weeks 
Ref: 4 weeks (but may become hard.) 
Room temp 5 days 
Ref 12-15 days. 


6. Can I reheat them?

You can re-heat cookies and cupcakes using an oven toaster. Set the heat on high then reheat for 30-45 seconds. Do not use the microwave when reheating your pastries.


7. Do I just eat them to breastfeed successfully?

Our goodies are just aid to help nursing mothers to increase milk supply. Increase in milk production will also be based on frequent feeding and milk expression.


Important notes to help produce more milk:

  • Breastmilk production begins with the Law of supply and demand

High demand = high supply | Low demand = low supply

  • Increase intake of expanding foods (vegetables, soup, shells, fruits, water).

  • Refrain from consuming chocolates, sweet and salty foods. Refrain from drinking tea and coffee.

  • Before and after feeding, drink at least 2 glasses of water.

  • When feeding, offer both breasts. Start where you ended.

  • Breastmilk production of right and left breast may not be the same.

  • When away from baby, pump every 2 hours

  • Breastfeeding is best up to 2 years old and beyond!


8. Are they exclusively for breastfeeding mothers?

No. Your husband or your child can even eat them, and no, they will not lactate :)

We do have a non-lactation variety of goodies so that you will not be guilty of sharing them with your friends and family.